Saturday, May 29, 2010


Quick note...Shannon is continuing to verbalize more--it's just whispers and barely audible but she is making more of her wants known. She has been expressing to Kate that she is hungry and thirsty, neither of which can we do anything about because she hasn't passed the swallow test to show she won't aspirate. But while I was here with Shannon and Kate, Shan signed drink. Kate asked if she was asking for water and she slightly shook her head. Then Kate got close to her mouth and she said "sprite". Kate explained why she couldn't have any and said the hospital would kick her out if she gave her any. Shan wished, 'don't say' and then put her index finger up to her mouth and said, 'shhh'! What a character!

There are so many sweet stories we could tell but we would never have enough time to write them all. A sweet tender moment a couple days ago was when she motioned Nate closer and then flopped her arms up around his neck to give him a hug. Many of us have gotten hugs since. She is also puckering her lips and kissing us! She didn't use to give that many kisses but I'll certainly take that change!

We do try and answer email, it just takes us a while on some depending on the day. There are so many that are serving our family right now. I don't know for sure who mowed the lawn today but I do know who it was for the past couple of weeks. What a fine young man he is. We are so grateful to him for doing for us something that we can't do right now. One thing I do know, is for the many people who have served us, whether we know about it or not, we know that God will bless them for their kindness. That is much better than a thank you although we try to do that as well.
Happy Sabbath to all.


  1. Just heard about Shannon a few days ago from Carolee. I've been reading the blog, and despite all that's happened, feel amazingly uplifted. Know that sweet Shannon, and all of your family is in our hearts and our prayers. We love you, and know that Heavenly Father is by her side. Hang in there!!

  2. It will be a sweet Sabbath... it's beautiful today! Love you... JoAnn

  3. Hey Shan :) My whole family has been keeping up with the blog and I probably check it about 5 times a day, no joke. I'm so excited with your progress and I can't believe how strong you are, it's truly amazing. You're such a fighter and you are going to make it through this just fine. I love you and I can't wait to see your beautiful face! Also, my mom is waiting for you to get better so she can bake you a triple chocolate Ganache cake. Mmmm... you're sharing. Love you girl :)