Monday, May 17, 2010

A Good Night!!

I couldn't wait to come to the blog this morning to report the latest. Shannon had a really good night. Her numbers stayed down ALL night even when they moved her all about to bathe her and change her linens! As I walked in at 6 this morning, I looked at the EEG and it was almost constant activity! That means she is slowly waking up! The unit doctor came in and checked her pupils and he, nor I, saw anything. Shan and I had a little chat and when her ICU pediatric doctor came in, she checked her pupils and we both saw a very slight change but a change none the less!! That was so awesome to see. It is amazing how the tinyiest signs of progress are such great victories. More swelling has gone down in her face and my opinion mostly her forehead area which makes me feel (although I am not a doctor) that some of the brain swelling is going down. Another wonderful ity bitty sign but such a positive one. The unit doctor felt good enough about things that they have turned off the paraltic drug so they can try again for a neurogical exam.
I think I realized a great lesson yesterday. We continue to see lots of little miracles along the way. But there are still times of the testing of our faith. Yesterday, especially the morning was a very tough day. It was very hard to have the faith be strong enough to dispel the fear. There will be many more trials of our faith along the way to the overall miracle of Shannon's full recovey. I think we have baby step trials of our faith when we are in the midst of one big crisis so our faith can grow. How grateful I am to the Lord for helping us to grow a little at a time, that although we expect a miracle from Him, He only expects us to take one baby step forward at a time. And He helps to make even those baby steps possible.
We know that your faith, prayers and fasting are making a difference. We know the Lord is hearing them all. Your faith is sustaining us and helping us through each day. Thank you to all the little children, who we know their faith is pure, for praying for Shannon. Please tell them she feels their prayers and Heavenly Father is listening. We know He is. Pheobe


  1. Thanks so much for this early morning post! We are so grateful for Shannon's progress through the night and of course continue to pray for her and you today. I relate to what you said about faith and our need to exercise it in baby steps along the way. Thank you for teaching us by your words and example and helping us grow along with you in this life-changing trial of faith.

  2. Aunt Pheobe-thanks so much for continuing to update the blog! I can only imagine how much you have on your mind but we truly appreciate the updates! Your faith and trust in the Lord is inspiring. So glad to hear that Shannon is slowly recovering-we will continue to pray for her and for the rest of you as well! We love you!

  3. Faith really does proceed the miracle, doesn't it? Thanks for your personal insights, we are all learning and growing with you. This is a beautiful picture of Shanny. love you... JoAnn

  4. I too am grateful for this early morning post and for your beautiful thoughts and insights. Even in California, yesterday was a hard day for me as well. I, like everyone else, really wanted to see some huge strides forward. As I was thinking about this, the question came to my mind, "Do you really believe that the Lord knows what is best for Shannon's recovery and do you have the faith to follow him?" Tears came along with understanding and faith was renewed. Thanks to all of you for your tremendous examples. We love you all and are so grateful for each baby step!!

  5. Thanks so much for all the updates about Shannon. I check the blog about 20 times a day. I am so happy to hear that Shannon had a good night and I appreciate your reminders about faith and miracles and small steps. I was reminded of a line in Mom's (Lulie's) letter to me when I was so sick back in '94 when she said, "I know that our experiences are designed to tutor us personally. I know that what is happening to you, in different ways, will tutor not only you, but all of us who love you." I really feel this is true now. All of us who love Shannon (and Udell, Pheobe, Kate and all) are learning and growing more in our own faith and in our closeness to our Heavenly Father and His Son as we pray more earnestly each day. My prayers continue to be with you and our sweet Shannon.

  6. Phoebe -
    Thank you for the updates. Our children are constantly asking "what does the blog say now?" We have said more family prayers in the last 5 days than I can remember. We want you to know that our Sunday School class (ages 16 and 17) knelt in prayer at the end of our class and Kyle offered a prayer on behalf of Shannon and all of you.
    We are so grateful to Shannon for allowing us this opportunity to unite in fasting, praying and thinking about her constantly. We know that we will see miracles happen as Shannon continues to heal and progress.
    Thank you for your continued example of faith and love.
    The Kyle Stark Family

  7. Blackham Fam -
    I just heard the news. We're on vacation and my mother waited to tell me until today, our last day, which is probably a good thing considering the heartache I feel. Please give my love to Shannon and the rest of your family, especially Tonya. Please call me if you need anyone to take Tonya at any time. I'd love to have her come hang out with me and my boys adore her.
    Katie Sparks

  8. Phoebe and Udell-WE are so happy to hear that today is a better day and that Shannon is showing positive signs of recovery! It is inspiring how your faith, family, and friends support and nourish the Blackham family. Keep up the big battle, Shan! With love and warm regards,

    The Family Sweet