Saturday, May 29, 2010

Saturday Therapy

This is Udell. I thought I would give a quick update on Shannon's therapy sessions today. She did really well. They are trying to build up her endurance with walking further and being able to keep things in control. Imagine what would happen to your muscles if you spent 2 1/2 weeks in bed, let alone having a major injury. So she went further today than yesterday, did the puzzle faster, and did really well at the catching and throwing exercises. She did really well for the speech therapist. They played Tic-Tac-Toe and Shannon was able to verbalize (with sounds!!) that she wanted to be the X. She recognized when she needed to place an X to block, and when she was ready to win. She did other things that were really cool, but maybe the best was when she got back to her room, the nurses helper asked he if she wanted to stay in the chair or get back in bed. She whispered, but audibly said that she wanted to get back in bed. It is amazing to see the small steps that are so significant. It reminds us over and over how grateful we are for the care she is receiving, and especially for the blessings she is receiving on her road to recovery. Aren't the tender mercies of the Lord wonderful!!


  1. Shanny anne i can not believe how amazingly strong you are! you are such a huge example to me and I miss you so much words can not even describe! You have made such an impact on so many people in our school, and we all are praying for you all the time!I love you so much! You can do it hun!
    Haley stoker

  2. Yes, Udell, the tender mercies of the Lord are wonderful... real and 'in the details'... It is so humbling when we realize how much He loves us and how he has the whole picture... kind of like Shannon putting together that peg puzzle... sometimes we whip through life not recognizing all the 'tender mercies' in our life's puzzle and we, in a manner of speaking, can 'throw' our puzzles together without much thought or recognition of the Lord's help ... right now, Shannon (and all of us watching her and this whole amazing, spiritual process) are watching her carefully, painstakingly, and with pin point focus, put her little peg pieces together... in her little life's puzzle... and with the Lord's miracles and hand in hers. It has been a time of appreciation and recognition of how the Lord really is 'in the details' of each of our lives, and a time to contemplate the many blessings we receive as see His careful watchcare over His and your little lamb. He really does live, He really does answer prayers, He really does love us...and He sent His son particularly for times like this. I thank God for watching over Shannon. Love, JoAnn