Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Middle of the night!

Shannon just coughed on her own, out of the blue, without the stimulation of the ventilator suction tube!! It's a little miracle but I about scared the nurse to death when I jumped up out of my chair, diving for her, saying "ya, Shannon"!


    BTW, Isn't this finals week at Lone Peak? You know, you could have picked a different way to skip finals, you silly silly girl?!! :o)
    The Henscheid family is praying that today your family will see more progress... more miracles.
    It is so great that while waiting for the "big" miracle, we are allowed small ones to keep our hope and faith alive. Isn't the Father just so smart, how He knows just when to dangle that "little carrot"/miracle in front of us to ensure we continue forward in our journey of faith?
    We love you, cute girl! You're doing it! Keep it up!!!

  2. Woot-woot! You go girl! I was thinking a similar thought Janet was regarding finals week, only my thought was "Shan, it's a heck of way to get a great new pair of shoes!" She's a girl after my own heart! We'll have to have a girls weekend when she's all better and go shopping - how fun would that be! Love to you all! Pheobe, it must have been an incredible feeling to see that happen in the middle of the night. I got goosebumps and that wonderful warm feeling in my heart!

  3. Go Shannon! Nikko and I are so proud of you and how hard you are fighting! You are the toughest girl I know and we are praying daily for you and your wonderful family. Much love coming your way from me, Cindy Pedersen

  4. YAY!!! It makes me so happy to here this!Keep fighing Shann you can do it!I believe in you!...To the rest of the family you and Shannon are in my prayers and i'm so proud of the way you all are holding up! keep it up! love you tons