Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A word from Nate

I felt like I should write about some of my observations now that I am here in Utah. I spent the afternoon and evening at the hospital. It was good to visit with my parents, and to hear tidbits of the support that they have felt from all types of people who Shannon has influenced. I gave a talk in church on Sunday about our legacy. I came up with a definition that I think fits well. A legacy is something that we create ourselves but it is defined by those who see us. Shannon has definitely created a wonderful legacy to all those that she comes in contact with. Whenever I think of Shannon, I think of her infectious smile and the love that she shows others.

As I looked at Shannon today, she looked like she was at peace. I am sure her body and spirit are fighting to get better, and to be healed. However, I know that she was happy. I could almost see her smile.

My mother has mentioned about some of the smaller miracles that she has experienced as Shannon has begun her journey to recovery. I often ask myself in times like this, what I can learn from it. I remember of the time I was in the hospital with appendicitis. While I was recovering from my surgery, Aaron came to visit. He told me "Just think. A hundred years ago, you would be dead right now." He said it in a joking tone. I have reflected on that and know that modern medicine is a huge miracle. Shannon probably wouldn't be alive, if we didn't have some of the miraculous machines that are helping Shannon heal, from the ventilator to the helicopter that took her from Utah Valley to Primary Children's. Each of those is a miracle. Sometimes it just takes us looking at a problem in a different light to see the blessings we have.

A final note about visitors. Aaron posted some good advice about coming to visit. I want to reiterate that, but also let you know that visitors are welcome. My parents are uplifted by those who stop by to give them support and tell them how much they love them. I am grateful for all those who have reached out to help my family during this time. It means a lot to all of us.

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