Friday, May 21, 2010

Mid Afternoon Update

Much of today has been a continuation of the waiting game. Early this morning they changed the ventilator to a spontaneous breathing mode to give Shannon a test. You know how much Shannon likes tests and how well she does on them. Well this one was no exception--she passed with flying colors. They wanted to see how she would do for an hour. Since she was breathing on her own, they essentially left the machine in CPAP mode to support her if there was an issue. She stayed like that until they sent her down to MRI at about 10. They switched medication to a sedative called Propofol to keep her under for the MRI. That test lasted longer than expected and the Neurosurgery team wanted one other CT scan run after that. So Shannon has been on a couple field trips today and has done fairly well. She is resting as we wait on test results and allow the doctors to determine if they are ready to remove the breathing tube today.
Again, thank you all for your continued faith and prayers.

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  1. dear friends... ahhhh, the waiting game... but remember, good things come to those who wait!! Love you all... and continue to pray for you. JoAnn and Larry