Sunday, May 23, 2010

How many Staples?!

This is Kate. When I got here today Shannon was very responsive to me. I got to have some alone time with her. Shan held my hand and every once in a while as I would say something she would raise her eyebrow trying to open her eyes at me. I saw her eyes follow me a few times if I moved. She also nodded yes when I asked her if she wanted me to put lotion on her feet. She also smiles at times which is cute too. She has reached for my hand a few times when she notices I am not holding it. This all could be just her wanting to move around and get up, but it is comforting for me to see her respond to me so well. When she is "awake" she wants to move and is really enjoying exercising her legs. She is bummed out that the tube is back in her mouth and she still has the brace around her neck. It is cute to see her almost beg for me to take it off when no one is looking!! No worries though, I told her she has to keep them in for a few more days. After Shanny and I had some time together, she was very worn out and went back to sleep. She has tried to open her eyes a few times and reached for a hand to hold, both mom's and mine, as they continue suctioning and other stuff she is not too fond of.

So on to what the post is meant to be about. Shannon got the staples out of her head today!! When the nurse was talking about it, Shan actually grabbed my hand and gave it a squeeze. I asked her if she was scared and looked at me as if to say yes. The nurse reassured me and Shannon that it would not hurt. A little while later one of the Doctors came in to take out the staples. I decided to record some video so if Shan choices to watch it, I have it documented, of course. Shan was tough and did not feel too much. In fact they did some suctioning while they took out some staples and Shan was more annoyed with that. Anyway we finally have a number of how many staples were in her head. She had 68!! WOW!!

Right now Shan is resting. The opthomologist is going to come to look at Shan's eye, it has swollen up a little more as today has progressed. They don't seem too worried about it but the Doctor will be here soon just to make sure. Shannon's pupils have been responsive and doing good. Also other great news is her ICP has been WAY down today!! It has been anywhere from a 0-3 all day. It is amazing to both Mom and me to see those numbers so low!! We keep thinking that maybe something is wrong, but the numbers are good and Shan is doing great!!

I too have been amazed at the love and prayers that have come our way. It is amazing that Shannon has touched so many people's lives. Made me think of how many people I come in contact with and what kind of an example I am. I know, in comparison to my Sister Shannon I am not anywhere near what she is, but I have become more aware of how I treat people and trying to be more positive to those around me. Shan is my Rock and Always has been. She is such a great example and I look up to her in so many ways. I have gotten the time to think of all the ways I look up to her and am amazed and what she does for me. It does not surprise me at all that she has so many people pulling for her and praying for her. I, as her older sister, look up to her and I know that many others do as well.

On behalf of my family, thank you again for the thoughts, prayers and concerns for Shan and the family. We are also blessed to have all of you as a part of our lives and know that the prayers go both ways. Thank you so much for your love and support! Love you all!!



  1. Kate,
    So wonderful to hear how you feel about youre sister and her progress today as well. It is so encouraging to know that she is able to express to you how she feels. That has to really be a comfort to her right now. There is so much good information in the blog and in your letter today. We will continue to pray, with faith and love.

    The Brogs

  2. I have a question. Am I allowed to come visit Shannon? And what hospital is she in, just so I can come visit her anyways. (:
    Glad to hear the numbers are doing great, and know that Shannon and all of you are in my prayers, and I feel really grown up saying all that stuff. Erm... GET FREAKING BETTER! (That's better.)

    Shannon's Chemistry Buddy, Sarah

  3. We will keep our prayers for healing and recovery coming from your friends at Boyd Lighting.

  4. It's so good to hear from you Kate. You've been in my thoughts and prayers as well.

  5. Sarah,
    she currently not accepting visitors as she isn't awake and is still in the ICU. Maybe in a week or two when she is in rehab will she be able to accept visitors.

  6. Kate and Shannon, I was so good to hear from you Kate. I know the love you feel for your sister, and it is returned so much! I just wanted to say good night to the both of you. I hope you both get a good nights rest and feel ready for a new day. Kate, do well at your new job, and Shanni, do well... well, doing what you are doing to get yourself better! You are both in my prayers constantly. Love to you both.

  7. Kate thank you for being brave and sharing your feelings here, I know that you too have been through so much and we pray for you and all that you are carrying too - Chloe even said "Mom we need to pay fer Kit today" when we prayed over dinner last night. I can not imagine how hard it is to see your little Koala Bear reach out for you in hopes of you helping her escape all the tubes and suctioning - atleast you know that she still knows that she is safe with you and that you would do anything for her (even if that means restrain yourself from helping her out of the picu) :o) I love you Kate!