Monday, May 24, 2010

Early Monday Morning

I stayed in Shannon's room last night and let my Mother get some sleep without being bothered. I was surprised that I didn't see her until 6:30 this morning. She was able to get some good sleep. So I get to give the update this morning.

Shannon had a good night last night. Shannon has slept well and gotten a good amount of rest and it seems to have helped. She had hI say that while her eyes are still shut but they do look noticeably better. During the night, they have slightly reduced some of the sedatives that she is on. They have also turned down the rate of her ventilator causing her to do more work breathing by herself.

I wanted to also express thanks to all those who are praying for our family and for Shannon. I was humbled to hear how Shannon's ward has united together to pray for her. I was touched by story after story that was related to me from various people. I am in awe at some of the few stories that my Mother and Father have told me that they have received. I know that they are buoyed up by the spirit that accompanies those stories. In priesthood meeting yesterday, one of the things that Brother Bates said was that the question we should ask when situations like this arise is not "why" but "what can I learn". You may remember that I mentioned this in my first post to this blog. I want to relate just a little that I have learned during this time. I have learned what a powerful influence people can be when they are united together. As people align their purposes together, a power and excitement begin to grow. It becomes contagious and other people join in. It can be used for good or bad. I wonder if I sometimes don't use my influence as well as I can to help unite and strengthen the Lords causes. I know that the Lord gives us countless opportunities to help build his kingdom on this earth. Thank you for all of you that have chosen to give your influence to help my Sister and my family. Your love and prayers are felt and uplift us.


  1. I hope your parents were able to allow their bodies to rest and rejuvenate for new week ahead. I hope they were able to partake the Sacrament, which is not only for the rejuvenation of our Spirits, but our bodies as well.
    You know, for so many years I could never understand why the Martin/Willey Handcart companies were allowed to suffer so so much... and yet they kept their faith forefront. Not long ago, I realized that the reason was not only for their growth, but for the many thousands of people, from that time forward, their suffering influenced testimony growth and re-awakening of Spirit. I feel like your families experiences with Shannon are very similar.... so many of us are having our faith and hope renewed, our testimonies of collective prayer and fasting strengthed, and our Spirits desiring to be closer to our Heavenly Father... to be righteous instruments in His hands. That is pretty amazing!
    We all continue our positive thoughts and prayers for your family.

  2. Dear Blackhams,
    We're so happy with the progress that Shannon has made this past week and your updates are so appreciated. Shannon is so blessed to have such a wonderful family around her. It was great to hear directly from Nathan during Priesthood meeting on Sunday of the many miracles that have happened since the accident. It is true that the entire ward family has been strengthened through your examples of Faith, Hope and Courage. Please know that our thoughts and prayers will continue for Shannon and your wonderful family. - Royce & Ruthie Veater