Sunday, June 27, 2010

Another Sunday

Going on 7 weeks come Wednesday....
Sundays are a very quiet and relaxing day; a day of rest. Shannon got to sleep in until 8, had breakfast and a long bath and then went back to bed for a nap. The doctor came in doing rounds and hence, we missed being able to go to church. However, there are assigned brethren who come to the rooms where needed. It is such a touching experience when the Sacrament is blessed and passed just for 2 of you. How grateful I am that the Sacrament can be given wherever it is needed.
We had afternoon visitors which made the day delightful. It gives Shannon the opportunity to use those higher function thinking skills and for us to see where we need to help her work on those skills!! She has no hesitation in telling a nurse to leave or telling someone to go do something for her. Those skills, that are needed for proper social interactions will take a much longer time to relearn. It will take the help of family and friends to show her the way.
It was interesting today to listen to Shannon talk to a friend on the telephone. She told her she was coming home tomorrow. She's not that I am aware of! There were a number of things she said that made me realize that she hasn't quite got the picture yet. And she certainly repeats herself a lot as well. But, blessed be the saint that listens to her, without judgment and cares for her success even though she can be rude and ornery at times.


  1. Shannon, You are fabulous! I loved seeing you and feeling of your wonderful energy and Shannon-ness :) Keep on working and meeting those goals. I'm so glad you can have snowcones again! Just let me know when you want me to make you a smoothie and I will run on up there. Love you lots, Cindy

  2. Shannon and Blackham Family--
    We continue to pray for you and even though we haven't been in touch, please know that you are remembered in our prayers. We check your blog regularly! Shannon, you are an amazing young woman! Your name was mentioned in one of our Stake Young Women's Presidency meetings. Sister McKinnon mentioned how you were a wonderful class president and how you worked so well with all the girls in your class. You are a great example!
    Please do everything the Doctors say so you can come home soon! Alpine misses you!
    Denise and Robert Cummings