Sunday, June 13, 2010

Little Unknown Tender Mercies

Sunday evening; all is quiet. It's been a beautiful day of rest. Shannon went with me to the Sacrament meeting held here at Primary's. It was a very nice meeting and I think Shan enjoyed it. She was just anxious to get back to her bed for a Sunday nap!

I began compiling the list of all the things that people have done for us during the last month. There are so many that even after spending a good part of the day working on it, I still am not done. It is so hard to believe there are so many people who care about us. We are so grateful for each little thing from a card, to a phone call, a visit, a loaf of bread, fruit, popcorn, snacks of all kinds, yard work, etc. The list is so long....

Some of our very dear friends live here in Salt Lake, not far from the hospital. It was Joel who I called to assist Rob Wellman in a blessing for Shannon when she gave us a scare last Tuesday from a severe headache. I recorded that here on the blog last Tuesday. I was talking with Brittany, Joel's wife, yesterday and she told me of another little miracle that has made our lives less stressful and we didn't even know it. Below is her story:

Miracle of the Cell Swap
Joel and I have 2 cells phones that are exactly the same and we only have one charger for the 2 of them. Usually at night we place Joel's to be charged for the night so that in the morning it will be ready to go for him at work/school. That morning I had put mine in the charger and had unknowingly kept his phone, so on his way out the door he grabbed the phone off the charger. That day - unknown to us but known to our Heavenly Father, Joel had my phone. Pheobe called looking for a worthy priesthood holder to assist in giving Shannon a blessing on a difficult day, hoping to get a hold of me to see if Joel could come help. My phone rang and Joel answered. Within 30 minutes he joined another brother in giving a blessing. What a testimony to me that God knows what we need - here he swapped our cell phones to ease the worries of Pheobe just a bit quicker than we could have.

Oh how grateful I am for the tender mercies that without someone telling us, we would never know about. I wonder how many there are that we are so unaware of.....


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  2. I know today, Monday Shanni you had your head put back together. IF there has ever been a sympathy skull ache, it has been with me tonight! I am praying yours isn't too bad and maybe I am absorbing part of the pain you could be feeling.

    I talked with Kate yesterday, and my does she love her little sister and family. Be sweet to her. She is hurting. She needs all the love you and your family can give her right now.

    My love and prayers are with you. I miss you dear one.