Saturday, June 19, 2010

More of the same

As Pheobe mentioned, Shannon has had a rough time the past few days. That seems to have continued today. Kate spent the night with her last night and all day today. We had hoped that since Shannon and Kate have such a great time together that Shannon might perk up with her sister being there. She only had morning therapies since it was Saturday and she struggled through them. The attending rehab doctor came by around noon and decided to send Shannon down for a CT Scan just to make sure that we weren't missing anything. She also had her tube pulled back to an NG, meaning that it is now in the stomach instead of the intestines. I had a chance to speak with the doctor who felt like Shannon was just not bouncing back from her bone replacement surgery as quickly as we would like. She reminded us that the size of the area of bone removed was so large with Shannon that it was like having two bone flaps replaced. And Pheobe reminded us that in addition to that the surgeon had repaired the fractured sinus cavity during the surgery as well. I recalled a conversation with Nephi Moon where he said that the most difficult part of his recovery was the days following his bone replacement surgery--his head just hurt all the time.
Shannon did perk up a little more in the afternoon, enough that we decided to go on another excursion. Tonya made it home from Girls' Camp and so Pheobe, Tonya and I went to the hospital late in the afternoon with the intent that we would take
Shannon and Kate on a picnic for her outing and celebrate Father's Day in the process. Shannon wanted to go to Wendy's so we thought we would go and get something from there and then head over to a park to eat and enjoy some cake that Pheobe had made. Things went Ok at the start but Shannon quickly got tired--probably was over-stimulated from all of the noise and activity. She didn't want to go to the park and so we tried to just eat there. I ended up taking Shannon out to the car to get her out of the hubbub while the rest finished their dinner. Then we went straight back to the hospital at Shannon's request. We had cake there, and then Shannon wanted me to give her another blessing--both for health and also for encouragement. So you can tell that she is at the point where she is very aware of where she is and what has happened to her. She has a difficult time realizing how much progress she has made--she just sees what she is currently capable of and compares it to what she remembers she was able to do before, and it is discouraging. Pheobe and Kate cried during the blessing I gave, and Shannon immediately told them she was sorry for making them cry. She is such a sweet kid. We just need to keep reinforcing to her that she is amazing and that her progress is incredible. Our current prayers are focused on helping her feel a peace and satisfaction for the marvelous things she has done, and retain a hope for greater things yet to come. We know they will, it is the patience required in the here and now that presents a challenge for all of us. Thank you for your continued support of us and Shannon. We look forward to a restful Sunday in preparation for a week that will get Shannon's progress back on the path that we would like it to be.


  1. Shannon; stay strong hun, you've been doing amazingly well, miraculous even. You have no idea how much everyone loves you! You must be pretty remarkable ;) Keep working as hard as you have been, and before you know it, we'll be hitting up Subway, making horrible cookies, and venting about silly drama. Just like before :) I love you Shannon.

  2. Shannon: I have a friend who was stricken with Guillain-Barre syndrome, which paralyzed her from the neck down. Early in her recovery, when she was completely paralyzed and on a ventilator, she was so depressed that her life had been so unexpectedly changed in such a terrible way, and angry that her body had become so useless. Then, one day, she realized that her body was working as hard as it could to heal, and that she would be better served by transferring her anger and sadness into resolve to help her body heal in every way she could. She knew then that God had touched her with this message, and that he was there beside her always. While her recovery is still not complete, she, like you, Shannon, has amazed her doctors and therapists with her attitude and determination. She has inspired not only the medical staff, but many other patients and friends as well. I pray that you will soon regain your strength from this last surgery, so you can continue on your road to recovery, knowing that The Lord is always right there beside you!

  3. Shan,
    Stay positive and I know that through your faith you can get through this! You are in my prayers! Love you!!

  4. Shan, Annika and I came home from our trip yesterday. Annika was really excited because she wanted to go she you, and give you the bracelet that she had made for you, she also helped to make it by picking out the bead combination for the pattern in it. Well I text your mom to find out if Annika could come up to see you and she said to wait a few days, because you were not eating. So I explained this to Annika and she was upset but ok. Annika was very upset when we turned off the freeway at our normal turn off. So I tried to distract her by telling her she would see Tonya, and your Dad, it kind of worked but not really. We got home and Tonya and Katie were here. I said to Annika isn't this better you even get to see Kate, and Annika turn up her nose and looked away. I told Kate that she was just upset because she wanted to go see you, and Kate started explaining why she couldn't go see you and Annika turned away and said out loud she no eat. Kate then said so you know. A little while later Annika heard your dad come in so she went upstairs to see him, and she heard him say that he was going to the hospital to be with you and she turned her back away from him, so I had to tell him that she was upset that she couldn't go up to see you. Then all evening she kept saying, as if she was talking spirit to spirit with you, "eat, eat, eat", so I made her dinner not really believing that she was hungry because she had eaten in the car the whole way home, and sure enough she was not hungry. She was just telling you to eat so she can come see you.