Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Rotation at the hospital

We realized today that we haven't explained what our current routine is. When Shannon moved to the Trauma Unit, the family became more of the caregivers. The nurses and staff are all there when needed and will relieve us as needed but one of us needs to be there full time. Also the fact that Shannon was in the trauma unit meant that we are no longer in constant concern for her life. She is very stable medically. After 2 weeks in the picu with Udell or I hardly ever leaving the hospital, we felt it was time to begin to attend to a few things at home. So we have a rotation schedule so that we can take breaks, come home and get a little rest as well as get a few necessary things done. The biggest challenge is being able to focus when we are at home.

I really surprised a couple of neighbors when they came to the door and I answered it today. The ward has been so wonderful to us. Not only do we feel their faith and prayers but they are caring for family that is caring for our Tonya. We are so grateful to them for their support. We have most always been on the giving end, and although being on the receiving end is not easy, we have realized how much Shannon and we, as her family are loved. It is very humbling. Love is very powerful.

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  1. Pheobe... any leads to help with Tonya this summer from the email we forwarded? JoAnn