Monday, June 28, 2010

Coming Home??

Our sweet Shannon is so ready to come home that that is all that she can focus on. We are really close to bringing her home but not yet. She has been doing well with her eating. They say she is getting enough calories but she is still losing weight so I am confused. I guess it is that she is eating the minimum required to leave the hospital but she still needs to increase that so she is getting 3000 calories a day. The brain is still repairing and while it does, it burns many more calories than the normal person. (Wouldn't that be nice?)
They are still adjusting medications to see if they can get the anxiety issues under control. Anxiety and depression are very common symptoms of brain injuries. She still needs to have an appointment with the eye doctors. But as far as the therapies go, she is darn close to passing off all goals she needs to pass in the hospital. The other issue that we are waiting on is for the insurance to get worked out with "Rehab without Walls" so that it will be a seamless transition from the hospital to home as far as the therapies go.
Obviously, just because we go home doesn't mean things are back to normal. Shannon will still have to have 24/7 supervision for quite some time. We will still need to count calories and fluids. She will still be having a lot of therapies. Visits will still have to be scheduled so there aren't too many at a time. So the biggest differences will be home cooking for Shannon and no driving to Salt Lake for Mom, Dad and Kate!
The turmoil I feel as I begin to plan for that transition (coming home) is pretty normal I am sure. These are the times that I get disappointed in myself for not focusing on and remembering all the miracles that have happened along the way. Why should it be so difficult for us humans to REMEMBER as the scriptures repeatedly tell us, so that new challenges are not so stressful? Well, maybe some of you are much better at focusing on those memories than I am. It is definitely something that I need to work on. I just keep thinking "Trust in the Lord in all thy doings and He shall direct thy paths." All I can say is I am working on it! :)
Shannon has actually been on her facebook a time or two. To all those that hear from her, please know that she is not well yet even if she thinks she is and when she says she is coming home tomorrow, that is her wishful thinking. However, wishes do come true and we know that her stay in the hospital now is very short. We promise to post it as soon as we know ourselves! Thank you again and again for your prayers. We are grateful for your comments, emails, food, visits, gifts, texts and oh so many things. I thought I was going to be able to keep track of all of it, so I could send out thank yous but sad to say, there have been so many that I couldn't keep track! So thank you all for giving so much. You know, I don't even know how to respond to the questions that people asked here on the blog. (Sorry :( )We are very elementary in our abilities with blogging! Hope everyone has a great Family Home Evening tonight!


  1. Shanny! my goodness your such an amazing girl, i love you and miss you! so stay strong our Rebellious leader! :]

  2. Go Shan....and remember
    (imagine me stummin the guitar and singing: you need to eat, eat eat - but not your feet!)

    love you and Pheobe,Udell and Kate you are amazing so keep up the good work!