Thursday, June 10, 2010

Thursday Comes to a Close

I called Pheobe as I was getting ready to head home from California. Shannon heard that her Mom was talking to her Dad and wanted the phone. I heard a cheery, "Hello Daddy. When are you coming back?" She carried on a great conversation with me for a few minutes as we chatted about all kinds of things. It was pretty cool!!
When Pheobe posted an update earlier today, she indicated that Shannon was headed for another swallow study. She did pretty well with that--passed the next level and came close to passing the one after that. What happens during those studies is that they have her swallow different textures and consistencies of food and liquid. They monitor how well she handles each consistency like pudding, honey, nectar, and water. So today she was almost cleared through the nectar consistency, but not quite. Shannon still has work to do in order to be able to get things working in her throat so that she doesn't have as much risk for getting things down her windpipe when she swallows. However, she has made good progress since the last study. She is doing really well with eating and drinking. She needs to be able to get enough calories and liquids through regular meals and snacks so that she doesn't need extra through the feeding tube. That is our goal.
Tomorrow has more significant events in store. She is scheduled for an MRI to make sure she is ready for the bone replacement surgery on Monday. (Shannon talks a lot about how they are going to "take the top of her head off" so that they can replace her skull.) Along with that we have a full schedule of therapies scheduled.
It is amazing to see how much progress she has made during the past three days that I have been gone. She is incredible. I am constantly touched by the kindness of so many people. So many of my co-workers in San Francisco and Colorado express their love and concern for our family and Shannon in particular. Many of them have never even met her but are so willing to give of themselves, offer prayers in her behalf and exercise their faith to bring about the healing and progress we are experiencing. Words cannot express our gratitude to them and to all of you for your heart-felt love and support. We are especially grateful to our loving Heavenly Father for the many blessings he continues to shower on Shannon and us and on you. I am excited to be back and see what tomorrow brings.


  1. Shanni,

    I was just thinking if I generated this much love from people when I was 17. I did not have a serious accident, but my sweet, people have always loved and looked up to you like you are experiencing. Maybe, this is just a great time to express it. YOU ARE an amazing young lady. Your faith in our Heavenly Father has been an example to me many times. Even though I have been your teacher, you are the one who has taught me the most. Your happy loving attitude has meant the world to me, and continues to daily.

    I was just thinking about all of this, and needed to tell you. Nothing about how I feel about you has changed. I still think you are amazingly wonderful, I just have the time to sit here and tell you. I love you dear friend.

  2. welcome back, I am sure they all missed you!

  3. Hey Shannon-Thanks for sharing your Dad with us, this week. I have to tell you, he is absolutely one of the most wonderful people I know. We are SO lucky he helps us here, at BOYD. Did he give you the HUG that I gave him, to give to you? Did he also tell you that he is becoming a Sushi-Samarai? You ask, what is a SUSHI-SAMARAI? It is a sushi-master, who likes all kinds of different sushi. Someone who recognizes the textures and flavors of unique types of fish. They appreciate combinations of fish, melded together into the same morsel and wrapped with rice and seaweed. They can actually tell you the salt content of the oceans in which the fish swim! Well, maybe that is getting into a litttle bit of hyperbole! Keep up the great work, getting better, and NOT giving up...despite the occasional frustration. Much love, Jay, Suz and the Boyz