Sunday, June 6, 2010

Simple things

It's been a very quiet Sunday. It's truly been a day of rest for Shannon. She has slept most of the day! But this is definitely expected and needed. Tomorrow will begin another rigorous week. We went for a short ride in her wheelchair out to the gardens here at Primary Childrens Hospital. It was so beautiful outside but I could only convince Shannon to stay out for a few minutes. She wanted to get back to her bed.

Shannon also had a visit from President Nilson and President Owen. She was very happy to see them and enjoyed her visit. They brought with them the LONG butcher paper poster that so many youth had signed at youth conference. As soon as they left, Shannon insisted I read them all. She loved it! She loves hearing from family and friends. So all of you youth who signed the poster, know that you made a difference in Shannon's day today!

None of us would be surprised, but she does have a number of headaches. Today the tylenol hasn't worked as well for as long. The doctor said that she will probably have headaches for a long time. She is dizzy/lightheaded when she gets up and that too will be an issue that she will most likely deal with for a long time.

The doctor also decided today, that since Shan was eating so well that she shouldn't be given so much through the tube. Before today, she was on continuous feed, now they have shortened that by 5 hours. This should hopefully make her more hungry and get her to eat even more. I think she will eat more when she doesn't have to eat everything pureed! She did not like her PB&J at all today! It's the little things like this that make me realize how much we all take for granted in life. Being able to eat something as simple as a peanut butter and jelly sandwich is not something most of us think twice about. The good things in life are really the simple things and we usually don't think about them or acknowledge them....until we don't have them. We are grateful to be reminded of the simple things through Shannon's daily progress of getting them back in to her life!


  1. Hey Shan-Shan, I'm so glad you got a day of rest--but tomorrow, back to work! I love hearing about all of the miracles that are happening. We celebrate each one here, jumping up and down. I'm sooo sooo proud of you, my dear. I don't blame you for not liking your PB and J all blended up. It would look kind of gross and that would make it hard to eat. But say the word, and Nikko and I will run up there and make you one of our fabulous smoothies :) I'll even bring a little umbrella and a bendy straw to put in it. Hopefully that will make your throat feel better! Love you lots, Cindy Pedersen

    PS So you think you can dance" just started and Nikko wondered if you might want us to record it for you. It's fabulous!

  2. I sure love the Neal A Maxwell quote and the heading to this new Blog layout... Kim, good job!! :-) As Jen and I have talked each day about you, Shannon, and your Phoebe and Udell, and you Kate... our hearts are filled with wonder and amazement at the miracles, tender mercies, endurance, love and faith that we continue to see in and for each of you. Your experience continues to give us perspective and lengthen out our sometimes very short vision of mortality vs. eternity. Also being reminded of the power of the priesthood, of being known individually by Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, our redeemer and exemplar. Of the role of the Holy Ghost in each of our lives... and mostly of the Love all three of these men have for us...again, as individual people, known to them in a way that is hard for us in our finite and mortal state, to understand. How Great Thou Art comes to mind... each is great in their roles as they strengthen, provide miracles, comfort and sustain all of us... it is just very evident as we watch them operate in Shannon's behalf... and we are grateful. Love to you all on this bright and beautiful Monday morning. JoAnn