Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Back To Rehab

Shannon wanted to make a quick post to the blog to let everyone know she was out of the PICU and back into Rehab. Last night went pretty good, but she didn't get as much sleep as normal because the baby in the next room cried a lot during the night. Her CT scan went well and showed good results from the surgery so the neurosurgeon team released he back to Rehab. She had to wait for about 2 hours before that could really be done and she used the time to take a much needed nap.
We read the blog comments and Shannon wanted to clarify for everyone that her head is indeed on straight and that she is finished with her helmet. She loves to read the blog posts and the comments. And she thanks you all for your prayers and your fasting for her. That all for now or in Shannon's words, "That much is good!"


  1. Shanny!
    I'm so glad that your head is back on and no more helmet! What a woman! I hope the itching has gone away, as well. Is it time for me to come and make some smoothies yet? I hope you are getting back to eating food that you love :) The adventures of SUPER SHANNON continue. . .I can't wait to read all about them.
    Love you lots, Cindy

  2. Congratulations honey, I'm sure that helmet was quite a bother. You're outstanding, and I know you'll keep getting stronger and stronger 'cause that's how you roll :) I love you

  3. Yay Shannon! No more helmet! I am so so so glad that you are doing well! I love to see your personality pushing through as you are on this road to recovery :) Keep it up! You are so strong! I can't wait until I can visit you.
    Love Ya,

  4. Hey Shan, you know how I said that Annika wanted to leave so soon after squeezing your hand because she thought she was going to be noisy, well not long after we left you she started first a little bit in the halls as we made our way back to the parking garage,until eventually it was non stop until she went to bed.