Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Just a couple of amazing feats for today! You heard about the chocolate pudding this morning and she had another one this afternoon. And she planned her "pureed" breakfast menu for tomorrow. Still no sound to her voice and if it doesn't come soon they will do another study by sticking another tube down her throat to watch the vocal chords. :( She won't like that!

The second major feat in my opinion was this evening. At the end of PT, she WALKED (assisted) all the way from the therapy room back to her room. It's probably 4 times as far as she has ever walked before! Even though she is doing so well, the therapist push her hard. They want to build her endurance to 3 hours of therapy a day and that takes a lot of endurance! But isn't that amazing. A young woman who couldn't get out of bed on her own, is now walking such a distance. She continues to astound all who are around her!

I guess I could add another little feat that has developed over time. Shannon can pretty much dress herself with minimal support. She's washing her own face, brushing her teeth, pulling up her pants, putting her arms through the hole for her shirts, etc. She mostly has support so she doesn't tip over in the process but we just hand all her things to her. The first thing she helped with was readjusting her pants on to her hips instead of where I put them at her waist. Goodness! the girl just has to be in fashion even from her hosptial bed!

So now we focus on endurance and vocal chords. In this situation, I am kind of glad that "miracles are not instantaneous". I think watching this miracle slowly unfold is helping my faith to grow. Each little step is in and of itself a new miracle; all part of the big miracle that we are watching daily. Incredible.


  1. Shan, you are amazing!!! I'm so glad that you are doing so well. Annika, wants to come see you. She asked your dad today with her questioning looks if she could.

  2. Again, small and 'simple' (to us) things that are bringing about great and wonderful things... happiness, hope, gratitude, awareness, humility, patience, charity, and faith...ahhh, that word we sometimes use so casually. Thanks to Shannon, and your wonderful family for teaching and reminding all of us of the truly important and eternal things in life. JoAnn

  3. Go Shannon! Now you get to have your own funky style come back. When you get out, we need to go shopping for cheap, stylish Shannon-funky clothes. Nikko sent you some groovy socks to get you started :) Way to go Lady! I'm so proud of you. Cindy Pedersen