Wednesday, June 23, 2010

but Instead

Tonight I could write about the ongoing challenge of depression, which is getting better, or about the anxiety attacks that have come on strong or that she still isn't eating much and not meeting the drinking goal but INSTEAD...

I want to tell you of the good things that are happening. We put together a schedule of Shannon's day. Each morning we review it and fill in all the free time slots. This makes it so there is no question of what we are to be doing and deverts the desire (sometimes) to just crawl back in bed after every activity. It really is helping. We also have set up a motivation/reward for Shan. She gets a point for every good therapy session that she has. If she gets 10 points before tomorrow night, she will get a WEEKDAY pass to go visit her "angel" that rescued her last week. She really just wants to go home but this seemed to be a good alternative.
Today we learned that there is still ANOTHER step in the fluids thickeness for Shannon to go through. But she passed today and so now we thicken her fluids 8 oz to 1 packet of thickener. It is hardly different but enough that it still keeps her safe. And it won't be long before they throw all those restrictions out so she will be able to eat/drink anything again. Yeh! her speech therapist is amazing and wonderful and is a great motivator herself for Shan. They worked on using her eyes better, reading and finding pictures within pictures. She did a great job. Her eyes continue to improve and each day she says they are focusing better.
In PT today she was amazing as well. She hasn't felt well with her stomach ache but she still walked down a flight of stairs, across the length of Primary Children's hospital, went outside, across the parking lot entrance to a green patch of grass. There she worked on kicking the ball--eye coordination and trying to walk without the drunk man's walk on the grass. We walked up a small hill and back down, across the lawn, across the parking lot entrance, back into Primarys' to the other end of the building, walked up a flight of stairs and all the way back to her room!! She's still unstable and hangs on to someone's arm but the endurance continues to increase!!
In OT, she worked through a 25 piece puzzle in record time but building those fine motor skills and eye coordination. Then she played "Trutti Fruiti" and "Blink" card games with her therapist and held her own at the number of times she won! They are both sight recognition and speed games. Great work with the OT as well.
The games reminded me of "Teen Night" here. All teens capable in the hospital gather together and play games on Tuesday night. Shannon did not want to go and had an anxiety attack over it until I said I would stay right beside her. She did interact a tiny bit with those she didn't know but mostly she played the game...spinner UNO. And with a little bit of strategy, she won the game. But then she was done. One step at a time....
Because Shannon hasn't been feeling very good they decided to do another CT scan just to be safe. They didn't think they would find anything and they didn't but we have just been trying to try all physical avenues for her not feeling well.
Last, I just wanted to tell you that Shan and I had a neat experience today after we read some comments in the blog. We found and read in her patriarchal blessing that even those who do not know her will be touched by her goodness and the light of Christ. That seemed so pertinent when we read from people that don't even know Shannon and how they are touched by the miracles in her life. Isn't it amazing that God knew that some 4 years ago when she was given that blessing? I guess since we like to identify the miracles, I would have to say that this was another one because as Shannon has continued to struggle, she humbly saw that God has a plan for her.


  1. Hello Shannon-friend, I am back in town and ready to play whenever you are! I decided when I do get to come with Nikko that I am bringing a surprise to cheer you up (well, several surprises) and Nikko has been working on one, as well. My sweet friend, you astound me at your great attitude. I know it's been tough lately, but I love how you are tackling the issue right in it's face, and that says, "I'm not giving up!" which shows how extraordinary you are. Nikko and I can't wait to see you and make you smile because you have one of the brightest smiles in the universe. Keep on picking yourself up, SUPER SHANNON, you're my hero! Love you lots, Cindy

  2. Atta babe! You walked so far, I would've sat down 5 minutes in ;) I'm so proud of you, you continue to impress me and amaze me and I'm so glad to call you my friend. Keep working your butt off, you're fabulous :) I LOVE YOU!

  3. Hello Shannon, Pheobe, and Udell:
    This MaryAnn’s stepdad, and I just wanted to tell you how much Mary and I have been touched and inspired by your faith and trust in our Heavenly Father, and your ability to see His hand in this great challenge, and test, you are going through.
    I have been thinking of something we could do to help in encouraging Shannon’s progress. I play the guitar and know a lot of fun kid’s songs and would be very willing (if it seemed appropriate) to come up and sing and play some of them for her. They are songs I played for, and with, my children as they were growing up. Let me know. Wayne 801-969-3895

  4. Shanni, Our visit yesterday was so great! I was glad to see you, finally. Your short hair was so cute, but when it grows out, like I said, we will get some stuff to put in it to make it super funky and cute!
    I decided to write you a poem about eating. We know how important that is right now. Here it is!

    "Shanni my dear the time has come
    To pick up the fork and not be so glum

    To eat is divine, to not, keeps you there
    The more in your tummy, the more you’ll have hair! (Well, in time)

    Today it is green beans and a semi thick shake
    Tomorrow some cobbler and a nice juicy steak!

    Not much tastes good now, but oh how we hope
    That eating will come and you can soon use your OWN soap!

    Now listen very closely to that wise “Traveling Gnome”
    He will tell you so clearly “There’s No Place Like Home”

    An Original by Soo Mallory :)

    Ok, if I had a job, I would not quit it to be a poet, but I hope you like it!

    I love you,

  5. Dear Shannon.

    Hey. Me again. So... You, my dear, should eat food. Because it's good for you. AND your soul. And trust me, not eating doesn't make you happy.

    ANYWHO, I thought I'd say hi. AND that I totally miss you girl! (:

    Love, Your Chemistry Buddy,
    Sarah. (: