Thursday, June 10, 2010

Wow! Swallow study today!

Holy Cow!! Things can change fast in Shannon's world. It is quite the yo yo ride!! In order to get the tube out, Shannon has to drink about 2 liters of liquid a day and eat enough calories. Well, folks with brain injuries are always very thirsty and willing to drink. Shan woke with a dry throat so we got started on a jelled apple juice. 8:00 am Breakfast came and she ate 1/2 her french toast and pears and drank about 16 oz. The speech therapist was supposed to be here to test her with nectar thickness. But she had forgotten and double books. So the therapist came at 9 and gave her another 8 oz, nectar style and was so pleased and excited that she asked if we wanted to get another swallow study done. If she passes, the restrictions will be limited to what she can tolerate. She still wears out with chewing, in fact, with her first bite this morning she said her mouth and jaws hurt! She worked those muscles yesterday! But she plugged away and ate about 1/2 the french toast. So the therapist called to see if they could squeeze Shannon's study in and sure enough, today at 12:20! So then the therapist decided to try Shannon on pure water. Shannon was super excited and although she was told to take only one swallow, she gulped 2 and began to aspirate. :( But like the rest of us, she coughed it up and up until she threw up and up and up! Poor kid. We had really just given her too much to drink in too short a period of time. So I thought for sure they would cancel the swallow study but when I asked, the therapist just said, "oh no, let's see where she really is at." So that's coming up here in the next little while. The therapist wanted her to get as much rest as possible between now and the test so we are working on that at the moment. She will have to eat a bunch of different foods and drink the yukky barium stuff so they can see what is happening as she swallows. Hopefully that will go well.
Shan did get in the few minutes she had in OT. This time she got to play boggle. That was really tough for her but with little helps, she did ok. PT worked her hard but only for 30 minutes. They traded out her big comforty tiltable wheelchair for a regular wheelchair and she didn't like that. The other one is more comfortable and she doesn't have to work as hard. But progress will be progress! And we are thrilled for it. Shannon obviously wants it too but sometimes gives us a pouting face to let us know she doesn't like it! She certainly has every right to pout when she wants considering she goes ahead and does the work. She is so awesome!'
I tell you, everyone talks about how fast Shannon is progressing. I believe it is all part of the miracle! I believe it is for all of us as we watch, to know that miracles can happen every day. This kind of progress doesn't happen every day!! And miracles strengthen our faith just like trials and challenges do. I will get back later to tell you how the study goes! :)


  1. Shannon, as i am typing this you are probably having your swallow study. I am so excited to read of the leaps you make everyday! We love you so much and continue to fast and pray for you. You are so blessed to have the family and friends you do. Keep on chewing!!! Good luck today.
    Love, The Birchalls

  2. Every time I read this blog there is more good news! I am so grateful that Shannon is progressing well-keep up the good work! We love you all-Amy and the other Idaho McBride's

  3. I am glad to hear the good news. I was a debater (Graduated last year) at West High School in SLC and Shannon was always one of my favorites to be with at tournaments.
    I go to college in Chicago now and my grandma had a very severe stroke while i was gone and is now living with us at my house. Everything has changed, and it recovery is always a long, trying process, but I'm glad you all are keeping strong.
    Every day it gets better

  4. It's a bird, it's a plane, no it's SUPER SHANNON! Able to eat french toast in a single bite, gulp down tasty apple juice and even have energy for a rousing game of Boggle! What will she do next, folks? Who can predict the amazing wonderfulness of SUPER SHANNON!

    I stay tuned daily to see what great adventures SUPER SHANNON will have next! Love you lots and keep on chuggin'
    Love, Cindy