Monday, June 7, 2010

Sense of humor

I guess you are stuck with me again tonight. Udell works out of town and is gone for a few days. The worst part about that, is he is the one that has been with Shan today. So I will do my best to report what has been reported to me!

Great day. Shannon was right back to the hard work of therapies. I understand she walked up and down the hallway (assisted) but she did it!
They have cut the amount of food they are giving her again. I guess they feel that she is eating enough calories to cut back. That is good because hopefully it will make her more hungry and she will eat more.
Shannon really has not lost her sense of humor and in fact, maybe it has been enhanced! Her ability to communicate continues to get better. People come by and are amazed at her progress. It is so hard to explain it on the blog. The steps are so little but being here watching her, they seem like huge steps! As we continuing to watch this miracle, we wish that all could witness it themselves instead of through the blog. But please know that she is down right amazing! The only thing she ever even complains of is occasionally her headaches. The only things she rebels against is the seatbeat on the wheelchair and always wearing the helmet when she is out of bed. Her rebellion you see as she quietly puts her hands over the belt and when she thinks you aren't paying attention, she undoes it. The helmet is the same way. She will also tell us repeatedly that she really doesn't have to have a seatbelt and she doesn't have to have the helmet to get out of bed! She can be pretty adamant about it...but then as we look at where the bone is missing in her head...we are more adamant than she is!


  1. let me know when you want me to bring in some helmet bling bling to decorate!

  2. Shanni, you naughty, naughty girl! You wear your helmet and seat belt just as if you were in a car and it is the LAW!!!!! Ok, that is your lecture for the day.

    I read We Believe in Miracles! on your blog and just want you to know that it is true. We do believe in miracles, and YOU my sweet are the miracle in so many of our lives. Thank you for being such a fighter and making our prayers happen.

    You are on my mind today. I love you.